Graphic Moods

Delineated patterns offer a striking optical illusion to a look. The repetition of shapes and unusual combination of colours intensify the wow effect you try to create. Enjoy this electric vibe!

She’s Printspired!
June-2014_Fashion_Forward1Dresses are very girly. For a contemporary look, all you need to do is find one wrapped in an authentic pattern. See by Chloe gives a youngster vibe to this piece which features a short length and strategic cuts. The ‘60s flair is evident, especially in the psychedelic prints and unique shape.

Classy Mod
The mid-skirt is a must-have this summer. Temperley London at created this green elegant piece, which is best paired with a black or white top. This versatile staple can take a lady to work and to a special evening.

Eye Tricks
Peter Pilotto is well-known for his innovative designs. He recently developed a special collection for Target that can be found at Optical illusions lead the line. The prints transform the attire, by giving it depth and volume using nothing mor than the power of carefully placed lines.

Playing with Perception
M Missoni deeply explored visual illusions in this outfit. The combination of the top and trousers in a similar pattern delivers an amazing effect. If you dare to be unusual without looking odd, this is the look for you!

Hi-Tech Addict
Technology is present in our everyday life and having a mobile is mandatory. Unfortunately, they are still made of breakable materials; having a mobile cover is essential (trust me!). Fashionable girls may use it as an accessory rather than as a protective gear. Whatever your principle may be, don’t miss out this piece from Coach.

Snatch and Go!
The acrylic clutch from Jimmy Choo is a stunning piece you really should add to a plain or printed outfit. The colour combination speaks vintage, while the originality of its lines turns it into a must-have for the modern woman.

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June 2014: Editor’s Note

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