Goth and Glam Make-up

It’s Christmas! The time has come for festive celebrations and your everyday make-up shouldn’t be your choice for these special moments. What about trying something different? Follow the international trends and opt for a gothic-chic look.

Gucci, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci and numerous other brands presented the gothic trend in their autumn/winter collections. And like usual, all the runway ideas are translated straight to the high street and cosmetic collections.

The concept of gothic can seem daunting but instead of transforming yourself into a dark lady, add a few shady highlights to give some sultry appeal to your look.

For a while this look was banished from fashion and was linked to grunge and rebellious style. However, now with an ounce of elegance the theme has new perspective and even the top celebrities are sporting the vamp look. All it comes down to is three simple steps…

Face preparation
First of all, wash and dry your face a few minutes before applying the make-up — oily skin will make you look greasy and plastic, as well as clog your pores and create pimples.

Next, apply a primer to improve the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on your face. For a pale complexion, apply a foundation that is just a few shades lighter than your natural skin colour and make sure to blend thoroughly to avoid any streak marks.

Cover the area around the eyes well; they are usually darker than the rest of the skin. Once your foundation application is complete, end with a finishing powder. Apply just a little bit of blush right under the cheekbone, starting at the middle of the cheek and swiping towards the ear.

Eye shadow
Stormy colours such as charcoal grey, cloudy silver, intense navy and deep plum are ideal to achieve the gothic-glam look. Use a thin eyeliner brush and black gel eyeliner to line the top and bottom lash line of each eye from inner corner to outer corner. You can also apply a black pencil in your eye waterline to add a deeper look.

Colour your lid with matte shades and blend it into the skin so that the outside edges are ‘smokey’. If you are not looking to make a strong statement, focus only in a black, thick and long lash.

Juicy lips
To create irresistible lips, start by dusting your mouth with a little loose powder. It will help to eliminate any moisture and avoid any smudging on the outer corners.

Next, grab a dark red, burgundy or deep purple lipstick; apply it to the center of your lips spreading carefully to the corners. A helpful tip is to use a lip brush when dealing with deep hues; it allows you to have more control over the application. Red lipstick tends to bleed easily and might be hard to clean.

Finally, add some volume applying a lip gloss with the tip of your fingers. Now you are ready to party with an outstanding makeup!

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