Goodbye Turtlenecks!

In the quest to achieve perfect skin, most women spend their precious time pampering their face and body; often neglecting an important area — the neck!

What women don’t know and tend to forget is that the skin on your neck is really thin and more susceptible to damage. This means that it will wrinkle easily and give away your age, just like your hands do.

Weak muscles magnify the flaws of loose skin. Although they may seem odd, practise neck exercises for a good-looking nape.

Considering how much you stretch your skin when you move your neck and how exposed it is to pollution and harmful sunrays, you should certainly be paying more attention to it. Do you cleanse your neck as much as often as your face? Do you protect your neck with sunscreen? Here’s how you can begin to embrace V-necks!

Special attention
February-2014_Beauty_news2_01For a younger-looking neck, include it in your cleansing and moisturising routine, at least twice a day. During cold and dry weather, apply a smoother product to protect the skin.

If your facial cream is meant for oily skin and you prefer a light-weight lotion, get a separate formula for your neck. This area has fewer oil glands and needs more hydration than your face. Anti-ageing products are recommended to avoid lines.

Pick a product that delivers moisture; use it daily. Regular skin exfoliation is another way to fight undesirable lines. It also helps the development of new collagen, resulting in a healthier-looking skin.

Homogeneous skin
Too much exposure to UV rays stimulates pigment-producing cells, causing sun spots. Unfortunately this happens on the delicate neck area as well.

To brighten it, use bleaching creams that contain acids or liquorice extracts as they lighten dark blotches. Results may take some time to appear.

You need to be careful when you apply these products. The neck is drier and more sensitive; and thus can get irritated easily. The best way to achieve your goal is to consult a dermatologist.

Wearing a broad-spectrum sunblock daily and not only when you go sun bathing helps in preventing skin damage. Don’t forget to include the exposed area of the chest as well.

The time is now
Laser, liposuction and surgery are a last resort if you’ve not found results after trying various creams and non-invasive aesthetic procedures. The best way to fight the ageing process is to prevent it.

Thinking about the future of your skin helps you give it a little bit of attention now — when it really matters. The cosmetic industry has developed many products and home treatments that allow you to achieve healthy skin easily. This kind of care goes beyond vanity; you will thank your younger self later.

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