Globetrotters’ Must-haves

Whichever destination you’re off to, we’ve got your suitcase covered! Check out which indispensable items you should take to your well deserved holiday.

Summer destination
Heading to the southern hemisphere? You’re lucky enough as you can relax with sunny days and light luggage. Pack a number of coloured pieces and floral patterns with a light background. The resort 2014 collections will soon hit the stores and you can be the first to wear them!

A functional companion
Regardless of your destination, a pair of good-fitting jeans is always handy. Pick your most comfortable pair in medium blue to wear for a walk in the big city or for a relaxing day by the beach. Its versatility prepares you for an unexpected escape to the town’s nightclub. Pair it with high heels and a smart black top to be ready to party!

For your feet
Flip flops may not sound important to pack if you are not going to sandy beaches. However, if you are staying at a friend’s house, it would be nice to protect your feet from the cold floor without having to wear shoes indoors. Besides, hotels’ old carpets may not be the best place to walk barefoot after a shower.

Tech savvy directions
You can use your mobile to download apps that will help you with tips and maps to guide you in a new city. Some of them don’t require an Internet connection. Your life gets easier when you have your location on the map. Not only do you avoid getting lost. It can show you the nearest restaurants and attractions near you. Just don’t forget to carry your phone charger!

Group your belongings
Organisation is the key to watertight packing. Having separate pouches for specific items is helpful. Separate your hygiene items from grooming products and your lingerie from socks. Don’t forget that liquids with more than 100ml must be placed in your suitcase.

Winter hotspot
If you are planning to fly north, you’ll probably end up with heavy baggage. In your list you have sweaters, pullovers, tights, thick trousers and an infinite number of other things. You can minimise the quantity by pulling a few tricks. Take just one big coat, which you can carry on your arm. Carry thin t-shirts to wear under sweaters; they really do warm you up.

Don’t get wet!
You may experience rainy days at most destinations. Even if it is sunny, you may have heavy rain at the end of the day. Having an umbrella is a good idea so not to ruin your plans. You can walk around the city with fewer worries!

Small blessings
While travelling, those big containers of shampoo and hair conditioning don’t look as practical as when you purchased them for half the price at the supermarket. Transfer them into smaller containers. Any item in a travel size is a good buy, such as travel make-up kits.

The carrier
When choosing a suitcase, consider a few things. If you intend to go shopping there, take a piece that doesn’t weight that much. Remember that you have a limited amount to carry. Why pay extra? Pay attention to identification. To avoid confusion, a coloured or printed suitcase will help.

Identify yourself
Bahrain is a small country. Your only option to travel is going abroad. So, your passport is your most prized asset during any trip. Place it in a safe place and if possible, protect it with special covers you find in the market. To avoid any frustration, check the visa requirements to the country you’re heading to.

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