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Whether you’re handling a business of your own, tackling an eight-hour shift or managing your family, there is one thing that every woman can agree on — that she could use a break! Now not all of us can just screech halt and go on vacation; that does not mean you cannot get that time off you totally deserve.

Sometimes all you need is a day, or a weekend, to yourself. The key is to make it all about you. This month we give you the best ideas for an escape from the mundane — without having to leave base.

If five-star treatment isn’t your cup of tea and you would rather just find away to get out of a mental rut, our tips on boosting your creativity should be of assistance. We also share our tricks on making amazing photos. Who said you needed to be photogenic?

A lot of women have been experimenting with hair styles and colours. The Beauty section tells you how you can make those makeovers last. Those with an eye for the latest trends should keep a close watch on our pick of designers from the Muscat Fashion Week.

Attention mums! The fashion police are watching. We tell you how to stay stylish without emptying the bank.
Making a statement is taken quite literally these days with slogans and quotes being slapped onto every fabric, be it t-shirts or laptop bags. Have a look at our favourites.

The trend has even found its way into home furnishing; there’s no doubt it’ll look great in the kids’ room. Pick up on some home décor tips from our child-oriented feature this month.

It seems like we’re living the life of an American cop as we talk about our love for doughnuts and coffee as well. While we’re discussing professions, find out how your parenting style affects your child’s decision making process in terms of choosing a career.

Read all this and more in our packed out March issue.


Elma Bartholomew
Assistant Editor

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