Freshen Up Your Outlook

Editor’s Note:
It feels like we’ve been having some of the coldest weeks on record for this time of year in Bahrain. It doesn’t matter though. While we shiver away and worry about whether a scarf and gloves would look out of place at work, the fashion world is full steam ahead for the launch of all their Spring/Summer 2012 collections.

We know that you, much like all of us in the WTM offices, cannot wait to get your hands on some of the cute florals and pretty pastels that are about to hit the shops. So, to whet your appetite for the coming season, we’ve put together our massive bi-annual fashion feature; chronicling all the main trends, highlighting a few of the micro-trends, selecting celebrity role-models and bringing you a great selection of the products on offer in stores.

If giving yourself a wardrobe re-vamp isn’t enough to freshen you up for Spring, how about re-evaluating your personal finances? As many more women in the region are learning to take control of their own futures, it has become imperative that as many of you as possible begin to understand what it means to manage your money. Take a look at the WTM guide to female finance for a selection of great savings and investment options.

Other than that, there is all the usual celebrity and fashion gossip, parenting and cooking advice and a great interview with an inspiring, head-strong business woman.

Natasha Bird

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