Fragrances Galore

There seems to be an abundance of new scents landing in shops this month. Whether you are partial to a musky, floral, seductive or fresh fragrance you will find something that suits you.

Spot the Difference 
Following the success of sister perfumes ‘Daisy’ and ‘Lola’, Marc Jacob has released the equally incredibly-packaged scent ‘Dot’, inspired by his love of polka dots. Lush and juicy, the floral scent is designed to be happy and vivacious with blends of berries, honeysuckle, vanilla and sensual musks.

The Perfect Harmony
Ajmal Perfume has launched a delicate new fragrance: ‘Tanaaghom’. Meaning harmony, the scent is an amorous blend of flowers and spices with ingredients including rose, carnation, pepper, amber and sandalwood.

Young Love 
A continuation to 2010’s ‘Love Chloe’ scent, ‘Love Chloe Eau Florale’ is sophisticated and fresh; perfect for the fans of the brand. Created to be a bohemian scent with an overdose of floral oxygen, the perfume is enriched with maté leaves, for freshness, and a sweet pea accord.

Lady in Red
Armand Basi ‘Sensual Red’ is a sensual and incredibly feminine scent, ideal for an independent woman. Intensely floral, the scent is combined with a woody base that will linger on the skin for hours.

Tangy Notes 
The cult classic DKNY ‘Be Delicious’ scent has been given a makeover; desirable and intoxicating, ‘Be Delicious Eau so Intense’ is a magnified version of the existing scent with an accentuated key apple accord. It resembles the first mouthwatering bite of a freshly picked apple.

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