Find Your Style

Are you loyal to one way of dressing, or do you just go with the flow We are certainly many women in one, but do you have a prevalent style? Find out which mum you are and enjoy your day!

This is the style for an everyday look, the one most women tend to associate with. You can also exude a relaxed aura without trainers or heels; flats, ballerinas and comfy boots are the shoes for a natural walk. An icon in this visual are a good pair of jeans; to pull off the look choose a contemporary cut.

Most business women put on this style; well-cut trousers, shirts and blazers in sober colours are indispensable in their wardrobes. The main characters in this look are the accessories, from fine jewellery pieces to fun handbags; they are the stars of a traditional, but modern style.


It is usually fashionable women who try new cuts, textures, colours, patterns and play with their wardrobe, rather than those who simply wear the latest trend and fanciest brands. This style calls for creativity; be open to new possibilities when dressing-up. It is a big step to being adventurous.

Everybody likes to wear comfortable clothes and, for lazy days, this is without doubt the preferred dress code. But sportive doesn’t have to mean out of style. If you want to update your look, try to innovate with a pair of metallic trainers or a trendy vest.

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