Feet Focused

Shoes can make a big impact on your outfit. Make the best of each style with WTM’s amazing tips!

Sometimes you go for comfortable options, sometimes it is all about glam. No matter the climate, mood or occasion, they are always there. Find out the designs you love and the ones that will never get into your wardrobe; however, remember that never can be a very strong word in the fashion world.

February-2014__10Tips_01Vintage Vibe
Ankle-strap shoes are a classic choice to pair with pencil skirts and straight-cut dresses. The retro-glam look can be achieved with a contemporary twist when teamed with ankle-cropped trousers. Always pick short lengths when wearing them!

February-2014__10Tips_02Ground Level
Flats are the perfect match for casual clothes. Pick funky ones and wear them with skirts, shorts and skinny jeans; show off your ankles. Loose pantaloons are not the best choice for this style.

February-2014__10Tips_03Comfy Heels
Wedges have been around for a few seasons, proving that they came to stay. These are best for those who find high heels uncomfortable. Wedges offer balance without compromising on sexiness. What’s better; they are all-season shoes!

February-2014__10Tips_04Geek Chic
Oxfords add a masculine touch to the feminine wardrobe and are a must-have item in the fashionista’s closet. They are best worn with skirts and dresses along with tights or knee-high socks. If you prefer to pair them with jeans, roll them up at the ankle and finalise the outfit with a basic white t-shirt.

February-2014__10Tips_05Simply Stylish
Espadrilles sum up the relaxed, chilled-out style. Comfortable and chic, they are the best pick for a French Riviera vibe. Don your nautical shorts or flowing dress and enjoy the sun. A Panama hat complements the laid-back flair.

February-2014__10Tips_06Slight Elevation

Kitten heels are mostly meant for tall women who want to add to their charm without calling too much attention. This ultra-feminine style works great with office wear. Thanks to its subtle design, you can try different colours and patterns to spice up the look.

February-2014__10Tips_07Killer Mode
Stilettos are usually meant for high-end events spent in evening gowns. For the regular woman, these beauties come out of the box perhaps twice a year and are worn for a short period of time. Braver girls wear them to work and still love them at the end of the day. Which team are you on?

February-2014__10Tips_08Best Warmers
Boots are a great choice for most of our wardrobe’s items, when it is not high summer! Unlike what most people think, they do go well with short skirts and light-weight floral dresses. Consider getting them in black and brown to maximise your options.

February-2014__10Tips_09On Heights

Platforms are magical tools that make you taller — a lot taller than you would be on normal high heels. The raised front part of the shoes adds extra height without making it uncomfortable for the feet. These shoes might topple the reign of stilettos.

February-2014__10Tips_10Fresh and Free
Sandals are to summer what boots are to winter. Some girls can pull off the ‘socks plus straps’ style, although they are very rare. The best choice is to keep them aside for warmer days. Girly dresses and flowing trousers are great companions for this concept. Avoid wearing them with coats or jumpers.

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