Feeling Blue

Finally, it’s acceptable to decorate our homes in bright colours. A favourite of the season is all kinds of blue; our favourites will bring the sea indoors.

If you can’t go on holiday just yet, bring the beach to you. The simplest way to turn your home into a holiday destination is by setting turquoise elements against shades of white. Don’t limit yourself to crockery, rugs, cushions and linens. Why not get a new tile job for the bathroom or kitchen? Get flowers and frames in hints of teal or go all out and paint your wooden furniture and front door in turquoise shades. If you’re thinking accessories, then opt for natural materials and finishes.

For those of you who aren’t fond of bold and bright decor, placid tones of blue are in trend too. A bonus with this tint is that it works great with greys. So there’s no wonder as to why most designers have incorporated it into kitchenware. Whether it’s on your tea towel, oven mitts, table mats or cutlery, baby blues are great for the kitchen and dining space. Of course, it is still the preferred choice for bedroom walls.

Inky blue is a favourite for most house-proud people, especially for cushions. The intense tone can range from sapphires and cobalt to lapis and navy. Ethnic prints are all over the retail scene, so dare to get some accessories that reflect the decor style of the country of its origin.

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