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The world revolves at a faster pace in the fashion galaxy. We bring you some little nuggets of information about the latest goings on.

DVF for Kids

Apparently, according to one fashion superstar, it is never too early to kit out your kids with top notch threads. Diane Von Furstenberg has collaborated with Gap to produce her first children’s line.

According to Ms Von Furstenberg: “The Minute a little girl is born, she is already the woman she will be. So to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become.” So, no more shopping in Mothercare for us then!

The Cool Ms Cole
Is there anything that Lily Cole can’t do? The model, turned actress, who just received a double-first degree at the prestigious Cambridge University, has now turned her hand to something new…and she’s only 23!

Lily has turned presenter for her very own television programme — Lily Cole’s Art Matters — which will see her investigating the methods and practices of some of her favourite artists.


Dangerous Allegations

As we all know, the wrong kind of allegation can ruin your career in the fashion world, ahem, Galliano. Well, it’s Alexander Wang’s turn to feel the heat.

Some of his ex-employees have felt so strongly about their mistreatment under his fashion label that they have filed a case with the Queens County Supreme Court, claiming he violated New York labour laws with regards to overtime pay and minimum wage. The cry of “sweatshop conditions” has brought about troubled times for many a label, so let’s see if Wang’s line suffers the same setback.

The Devil’s Return
RJ Cutler — director of the Anna Wintour biopic The September Issue — is supposedly going to sink his teeth into another fashion drama. This time, though, it will be a feature film much like The Devil Wears Prada. Based on a novel by Lee Tolloch, former editor of Australian Harper’s Bazaar, it will follow the life of a ditsy, but savvy door girl, whose love of fashion is so full-on that she names and talks to her favourite frocks!


How Much?!
We’re sure many of you went a bit gooey over Natalie Portman’s red, vintage Dior Oscar gown. The deep ombre, the little black polka dots, teamed with the most delicate of diamonds; the look was simply exquisite, which is why we included it in our Star Style pages.
Well, clearly someone thought even more highly of the look than we did, because Rare Vintage — the dealer from which Ms Portman borrowed the gown — put it on sale as soon as the Oscars was over. And it was snapped up for a whopping $50,000.

Sorry Stella!
It’s the first time that such a fashion mogul has been called upon to design the British Olympic kit. But seeing as this is a particularly important year for Team GB, the UK management has pulled out all the stops. Stella McCartney was charged with the task.

It is shocking then, that after the unveiling of the kit a few weeks ago, there would be such a negative backlash. Stella has received a barrage of insults, claiming that she was wrong not to use more red in her designs as it is an important national colour. Possibly a bit unfair?

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