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Material Muse
Known for making controversial choices when it comes to brand ambassadors – she’s used loud-mouthed Kelly Osbourne in the past – Madonna has made what seems to be a safer choice for her Material Girl fashion line.
The next campaign will be fronted by the delightfully English and seasoned Vogue cover girl, Georgia May Jagger.
The decision isn’t completely free of controversy of course. There has been much talk about Georgia’s decision to keep the gap between her two front teeth. We think she’s a brilliant choice!

Superstar Collaboration

Marc Jacobs, who is the current creative director for Louis Vuitton, has decided to pair up with current and renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, to get some inspiration for a new collection. “Her energy is endless”, states Jacobs. “Through the painstaking sort of obsession in each of her canvasses and installations, you see this world that never ends.”

The collection will draw from Kusama’s bold, surreal spots. He’ll make use of these on skirts, leggings, bags and tops.


Quick Succession
As one of the most sought after supermodels in the world, you’d think that Giselle would be pretty keen to re-establish herself on the fashion throne soon after the birth of her first baby. Well, if rumours are to be believed, this isn’t the case at all.

Apparently, Giselle might already be pregnant with her second baby by the hunky Tom Brady! The suggestion is that she is already two months gone and has shared the news with friends and family. There’s part of us that hopes she stops after this one, for two reasons. One, we want to see her back in our magazines and two, we can’t have too many beautiful babies in the world, it will make the rest of us look bad!

Curves ‘R’ Us
Some of you won’t care about this at all, but others who are hooked on reality TV might be interested. If you watched the 72 day marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries unfold before the cameras, then you might be interested to know that Kris’s younger sister is now trying to give her former sister-in-law a run for her money.

Kaela Humphries is trying a spot of plus size modelling and has already booked a campaign with Limited’s Eloquii line.


Del Rey Fever
Mulberry have gone on a bit of a spree when it comes to naming their tote bags after fashion icons and celebrities. The famous Alexa birkin has shifted thousands of units, so perhaps they’ve found a winning idea.
Not ready to quit while they were ahead, they recently named one of their bags after controversial folky singer Lana Del Rey and amazingly, it seems to be proving even more popular than the one named after Miss Chung. Many stores have already sold out and there is a waiting list for some of the new colours.

Show Off
It has been four months since Heidi Klum split from Seal, but it seems that she is already trying to show him what he is missing. The supermodel is appearing and singing in a rather racy music video for the song Turn Up The Night.

In the video she can be seen gyrating on a pole whilst wearing a leather harness. She also takes a turn on an electric guitar whilst lying on the floor and smoking cigarettes.

This is quite the departure from the demure haute-couture modelling that she usually partakes in.

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