Evocative Trail

Our olfactory memory can bring back people we love and moments from our childhood. Each mum has a special scent associated with a child. Choose a fragrance and let it last forever.

Home of Love 
Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau from Guerlain is a reinterpretation of its predecessors. Shalimar was an enchanting garden, the stage of an oriental love, which story inspired Jacques Guerlain to create his first fragrance in 1925.

Essence of Femininity

The inspiration for Couture La La comes from the classic elegance of the original Juicy Couture fragrance. Bright sparkling fruits blended with water hyacinth and bold white florals reveal a luminous bouquet of waterlilly and muguet. It finishes with notes of smooth woods and liquid musk.

Fruity Wave

The new eau de parfum, Angel Gold, from Victoria’s Secret offers a radiant blend of sparkling bergamot, lush gardenia and musk. As a fruity floral fragrance, it has prickly pear, kumquat, pomelo blossom, red berry sorbet and orange crème as top notes.

Romantic Bouquet
Happy Spirit Bouquet D’Amour is the third opus to this fragrance family from the jewellery brand, Chopard. The refined perfume has a fruity aroma of raspberries, woody accord of cashmeran and a final touch of musk — a scent dedicated to love.

Natural Grace
Narciso Rodriguez introduces For Her L’eau. This new composition subverts tradition by embracing a symphony of floral top notes, foregoing the standard citrus. This perfume radiates simple elegance and transcends the classic version to become a modern facet.

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