Behind Every Great Man

Editor’s Note:
Is an even better woman. In fact, behind every great woman you will usually find a bevy of fantastic and supportive female friends.

Female friendships are often dismissed as petty, jealousy-driven, political or superficial. It is true that we sometimes spend too long worrying about how someone did us wrong, rather than enjoying what they bring to the table. Now and then, though, it is crucially important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Personally, I feel that without all the fantastic, brave, strong, steadfast and loyal women in my life I would be seriously missing out. A woman’s capacity for empathy, passion and selflessness are astounding and should be rewarded and recognised far more frequently, especially by the other women in her life.

This month, there are two exceptionally good reasons to celebrate women. Firstly, it is International Women’s Day on March 8. Although it is still not globally recognised, this commemorative day has been steadily gaining momentum. If you ask me, there aren’t enough days in the year to laud the brilliant achievements that women have made over the last couple of centuries, but if we are only getting 24 hours out of the calendar, we need to be sure to make a real song and dance out of them.

Secondly, it is Mothering Sunday on March 18. Our mums brought us in to the world; they dedicated their lives to putting us first and all too often they go sadly unappreciated. This year, I urge you to make an extra effort to spend at least this one day putting her above all others.

Inside the magazine this month you will find some great women-related features, including: ways to get close to your mother-in-law, teenage girl bonding exercises and women’s efforts at global campaigning and peacebuilding.

Natasha Bird

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