Editor’s Note

The responses for our 125th issue were so inspiring; we thought we would do a special feature for the mothers amongst us. Every August, we will put together an all-encompassing guide for parents with topics ranging from how to keep your kids entertained during their summer break to what you need to know as a new mother.

We had the privilege of getting an exclusive shot of Isabeli Fontana, who struck a pose for Bahrain, looking as stunning as ever. The Brazilian supermodel and mum of two, who just turned 30, is on our list of inspirational women. We also speak with Sophia Jawad, Shahnaz Pakravan and Dana Zubari.

Those of you who have been waiting to see your snaps from our big bash in June can have a look through our social butterfly pages. In this issue, we have introduced the male perspective as a regular. Find out what James Claire has on his mind when he’s not thinking about food.

I dedicate the August 2013 edition of Woman this Month, the first to be focused on parenting, to my mother – my best friend. I wish all our readers a peaceful Ramada
n and a wonderful Eid.

Elma Bartholomew

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