Dressed to the Nines

Kids should be happy as they get to rock some amazing outfits at the peak of summer. Just because they are children does not mean that they do not deserve some ‘fashion’ of their own.

esigual takes quirky to a whole new level. Reflecting the energetic nature of your child, this brand has infused the magic of the cinema in its mini-sized line. Apart from its box office-inspired collection, it has also introduced their first swimwear range for kids.

Koton’s kids’ collection hits off at a tangent to this style as they make little ladies and gentlemen out of their range this summer. They say enough to overly cute fashion trends. This is where you should be shopping for that prim and proper, crisp Sunday morning look. The line also boasts a number of casual, sporty and party pieces; but the dresses single-handedly steal the show.

Bringing back the daintiness expected in children’s clothing is Monsoon Kids with some extremely beautiful and delicate party wear. The corsage dresses especially and their retro-themed beachwear are absolute stunners.

The adorable themes from Pumpkin Patch will leave you wanting to grab them all. Meanwhile, Massimo Dutti sports a look that lies somewhere between a stunning diva and a Greek goddess. Freshness and colour are the essentials of the season. This is exactly what Carolina Herrera has incorporated into the children’s collection. Showcasing loose-fitting dresses, ever-present Bermuda shorts and overalls, the summer essential; this range has a touch of sailor styles.

Who wouldn’t want to dress their child up in a Diane von Furstenberg creation? Head over to GAP Kids for exclusive pieces that reflect the brand’s relaxed style and the bold, personal style of the fashion icon. At the heart of the collection are vintage Diane von Furstenberg prints, including the instantly recognisable hibiscus and leaf motifs.

Even the legendary wrap is re-invented with a child-like higher waist detail. We have fallen in love with the elegant white cotton eyelet style in the dress range that’s simply summerlicious!

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