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A new shopping landmark has opened its doors in Bahrain, featuring a selection of versatile pieces that boast a touch of originality. Discover what this brand has to offer.

The Kingdom adds another brand to its long list of fashion hotspots. The Spanish label Hoss Intropia landed on our shores with feminine apparel and accessories. For those looking for precise design and high quality materials, the store in City Centre Bahrain is worth a visit. To get to know the brand’s values and purposes, Woman this Month spoke to Annja Mostrup, communications director from Hoss Intropia in Spain.

Woman this Month (WTM): Who is the Hoss Intropia woman?
Annja Mostrup (AM): Hoss Intropia is a singular and contemporary brand, which caters to the intelligent and innovative woman with a style of her own. Aimed at women aged 25 to 40, each collection offers contemporary styles with classic lines and specifically designed creative prints which are unique to the brand. The Hoss Intropia woman doesn’t follow trends but instead recognises the need for affordable luxury and seeks out high quality pieces to add to her wardrobe.

WTM: What makes Hoss Intropia stand out from other fashion brands?
September-2014_People2_01AM: Free from the constraints of following trends, Hoss Intropia is able to produce timeless collections that transition perfectly from day to night and from season to season.
Another key differentiator is the brand’s awareness of ethics.

Hoss Intropia brings fashion with a conscience and the brand focuses much of its energy on corporate social responsibility initiatives around the world. Since its launch in Spain in 1994, Hoss Intropia has supported various non-profit organisations and has donated more than 600,000 euros to various non-governmental institutions around the world.

WTM: Where does Hoss Intropia find inspiration to create its new collections?
AM: Inspiration can be found everywhere you look. Our team of designers come from a diverse background of cultures and countries, offering an eclectic take on European style.
For the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, the inspiration comes very much from nature and the world around us.

WTM: What can women expect from shopping at Hoss Intropia?
AM: The new store in the Central Galleria of City Centre Bahrain offers a beautiful shopping experience, with the store furnishings reflecting the aesthetics of Hoss Intropia. The walls are adorned with decorative white flowers. Luxurious fabrics detail the classic furniture, creating a contemporary and cosmopolitan environment. With the effortlessly stylish collection pieces, which can be easily matched together to create classic day or eveningwear looks, shopping at Hoss Intropia is a very pleasurable experience.

WTM: Why did you decide to open a store in Bahrain?
AM: Launching in Bahrain sees the continued expansion of the brand into the Middle East, which is a thriving market for us. Through our partnership with Majid Al Futtaim — Fashion, we already have stores in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Lebanon and are always on the lookout for new locations within this region. However, choosing a new store is a carefully considered process. We wanted to make sure we were placing our store in the best location in Bahrain.

WTM: Do you think that Middle Eastern women are fashion-oriented?
AM: This region is incredibly fashion-oriented; there is a huge demand for the finest brands and unique pieces. Women in the region also value traditional looks and we work hard with our designers to make sure our pieces come in various options to suit different tastes. For example, we will design a piece in a tunic dress, maxi skirt and jumpsuit, using the same style and fabrics to make each look versatile and inclusive for our customers.


WTM: The collections boast a classic style with a twist of contemporary elements. Is it relevant to the brand to be recognised by its timeless style?
AM: Timeless elegance is certainly a key aspect of any Hoss Intropia collection. We want our customers to be able to wear our pieces for the workplace, out for lunch or for an evening event — and to not be dictated by a trend. The high quality fabrics and classic cuts mean that these are pieces that can be worn during any season, without going out of style.

WTM: Hoss Intropia offers accessories. How important is it to the collection?
AM: Our accessories are integral to the Hoss Intropia look. We find this of particular relevance in the Middle East, as women love to embellish and dress up a look with beautiful jewellery, shoes and handbags.

For this season, our accessories have the same inspiration as the apparel pieces, stemming from the beauty of nature. You will see shimmering clutch bags adorned with Japanese motifs, sequins or animal print. Necklaces and belts feature metallic flowers, while earrings and brooches are in the shape of small animals and insects, such as hummingbirds and bees. We encourage women to express their personality with our accessories by offering an eclectic mix of classic, elegant and fun pieces.

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