Deep Prints

We have summer prints and winter prints. The former is painted in bright colours, usually on a white background. The latter, however, comes in darker shades on a black background. It’s a simple equation.

However, this season they got a little bit more shadowy, gloomy and murky. If I might say so, it is kind of depressing in a good way. There is no horror involved; just darkness and mystery.

Some patterns give you the feeling of being in a dark forest or deep in the ocean. The stamped white flowers in Givenchy’s runway seem to pop out of the fabric. Etro prints play with your eyes, while Mary Katrantzou plays with your imagination.

If you want to invest in just one new piece, this is it. Designers were inspired and created unique prints. Get into the drama mode for your first step into
AW2013 collections.

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