December 2014: Write Here Write Now

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Your ‘Women of Influence’ feature on the top-ranking women of Standard Chartered last month was very encouraging and uplifting. Sometimes I hold myself back because I feel I can’t achieve the things that I want to but after reading the interview feature it made me realise that a lot of hard work and determination, along with patience, makes it all worthwhile. And I love the fact that these are strong-minded women who have not let any gender barriers come in the way of their success. Thank you WTM for focusing on these types of women.

December-2014__Letters2I loved everything about November’s Woman This Month issue! The cover was fabulous and the contents were even more so. I have always been confused on how to pull off denim without conforming to the easy and generic T-shirt and trainers look. Now I can feel more feminine and understand how to accessorise and feel more ladylike with brightly coloured stilettos and handbags. I am also a new mum, hence the lack of fashion intelligence at the moment, therefore the baby milestone article really calmed my nerves as I can relate to it. I’m always on the lookout for helpful hints and tips from parents on parenting; now I know what signs to look out for with my baby’s development and who to contact.

Fillet and kale salad is my family’s new favourite dish now thanks to WTM! Fresh, flavoursome and filling – just what you need for the perfect evening meal, especially as it’s quick to prepare! After reading this, I decided that this weekend is my weekend and I will be treating myself, for the first time in a long time. So I am going to march straight over to Charles & Keith and la Vie en Rose and buy all of those absolutely stunning coloured bags, belts and underwear! I love what you said, and I too want to remember that I am ‘first and foremost’ a lady! Thank you Woman This Month!

I have always had thin, curved eyebrows, and throughout my life that was always in fashion. A quick pluck and you were done, no filling them in and especially no eyebrow tinting! However within the past couple of years, I have noticed eyebrows have gotten thicker. This is why I loved your piece, ‘Easy on the Eyes’ as I want to know what shape, shade and length my eyebrows should be and this is the perfect opportunity to find out!

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Zoe Karali, Shaikha Tareef, Nouf Al Suwaidi, Noora Al Nusuf, Dalal Abdulla, Alaa Al Hamad

Women of Influence