Advocating animal rights
The great thing about Woman This Month is that there’s always a feature on people making a difference. Your interview with Katie Cleary was certainly inspiring and provides a perspective in the lives of people who are committed to making the world more compassionate.

It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal go through immense pain in order to adorn the wealthy and uncompassionate section of our society. Katie is doing a wonderful job in spreading awareness for the rights and needs of animals. She is among the few who use their position for a worthwhile cause and her fame to spread the message of caring and love
for all.

Being a vegetarian, I really appreciate your meat-free recipes. It’s what makes your magazine so unique and always a good read. Akshita

Cheers to chocolate!
I used to think that chocolates are meant for special occasions and consumed them as a treat without thinking of the benefits. Thanks to WTM, I got the knowledge that aside from having a healthy heart, dark chocolate has a positive effect on skin and can even prevent cancer. It has numerous health benefits if taken in moderation. Be sure to find the best chocolates from Switzerland.

The tip that cocoa butter is good for the skin is helpful. It acts as a skin softener. Particularly during winter, I find it useful on rough skin areas. I apply it nightly on my heels after a bath and then put on cotton socks for an evening of foot softening. This also works well on calloused hands. Edna

Veggie good!
A breath of fresh air is how I want to describe it. Last month’s meat-free recipes were a welcome change for those of us who don’t eat meat or have a vegetarian member in the family. It beats me why cookery columns, restaurant menus and food shows never really pay much heed to the ever increasing population of vegetarians.

So it was really good to see three recipes

that were simple, with no outlandish ingredients and tasted amazing. My husband doesn’t eat meat and it’s a challenge to find good dishes for him, something apart from grilled halloumi and mezze platter. He really loved the risotto and biryani. This weekend I plan to make the soup; if it turns out anything like the picture, I’ll send you guys a click! Sadhya

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Fighting for Animal Rights