December 2012: Write Here Write Now

The Parent Diaries
There is no book on the absolute dos and dont’s of parenting; as any parent will know, it is basically a lot of guess work combined with trial and error! However, from time to time it is great to get advice from professionals in this field, who can help provide guidance when mothers and fathers most need it.

And that’s where Woman This Month’s Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy comes in. Every month, I make sure I don’t miss out on her insight as she explores various parenting dilemmas. The most recent article “Are You Over-parenting?” was fantastic.

I realised that I do in fact mollycoddle my kids a fair amount and should work to give them more space to grow (whether I want them to or not!).

We are here to only steer and support our offspring and at some point they need to fly the nest and build lives for themselves. Just as Dr Clare advised, parents should help make their children’s dreams come true and in time let them show how far they really can go. Sasha, by email.

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Just like Alison said in her article on “Alternative Therapies”, acupuncture does seem a strange treatment to choose if you are after a dose of relaxation. But I do have many friends who regularly do this and so perhaps there is something in it after all.

It seems to be much less invasive than I had thought and as an ancient form of medicine there must be some reason why it has been popular for hundreds of years.

I think perhaps I will try it — I’ll let you know how I get on!
Nadia, by email.

The Travelling Bug  
I have never been someone who desires to go travelling (the idea of roughing it and carrying a huge rucksack doesn’t really do it for me!), but I have to admit that your travel articles are very alluring. I particularly liked the November issue’s topic; the idea of losing myself in a far away place is definitely a good idea.

I think every so often we all need to escape the routine of our daily lives and go somewhere completely different. I will definitely be encouraging my friends to go to Kyoto with me at some point — it looks absolutely beautiful!
Dana, by email.

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