Cut Out Calories

Calorie counting enthusiasts, this one is for you. We round up 20 easy-to-follow tips for a more practical approach to healthy eating.


1. Good carbs. If there is any time of the day when you can indulge in carbs, it is in the morning. Go for one slice of whole wheat, high-fibre toast topped with natural jam to get your day started.

2. Coffee is good for you. And whoever tells you otherwise, the WTM team is ready to testify against that. Of course the key here is moderation, have one cup of Joe Black for a ‘pick me up’ that doubles as a metabolism booster.

3. Eggy goodness. Who says you can’t have a full breakfast if you are watching your weight. Instead of two whole scrambled eggs, go for four scrambled egg whites.

4. Skip the whip. Are you getting your Starbucks or Caribou cappuccino to go? Bring out the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ in you and ask the barista to hold the cream, the milk and caramel or hazelnut drizzle.

5. Control your portions. Have your oatmeal, muesli or whole wheat cereal in a mug instead of a bowl. You can lose half the calories.


6. Say no to cheese. You can have a light turkey, tuna or grilled chicken breast sandwich for lunch, but scrap the cheese. Not only do you cut unnecessary calories, but dairy wreaks havoc on your skin too.

7. Watch your dressing. Love your meals slathered in sauces? So do we, but instead of mayo in your sandwich, go for mustard; instead of ranch on your salad, go for a vinegar and olive oil mix.

8. The right soup. Most of us assume that soup for lunch is a diet-friendly meal. But if you are having a full cream mushroom or broccoli and cheese soup, then you aren’t doing yourself a favour. Slurp on minestrone or veggie soup instead.

9. Indulge in your patty cravings. A juicy burger is everyone’s ultimate cheat meal. To make them healthier, ditch the buns. Have you tried the lettuce wraps at Blaze Burger? Delicious.

10. You can have rice. Contrary to popular belief, rice is not the slim woman’s enemy, just don’t have it everyday. The trick to enjoying a guilt-free bowl is to opt for steamed and not fried.
brown or whole grain varieties when possible.


11. Fresh take on chip and salsa. Hungry between meals? Put the Cheetos away; go for celery and carrot sticks dipped in hummus or light ranch dressing.

12. Healthy nibbling. Although many experts suggest that by having a packet of dry raisins with you can help to keep you from binge eating; this energy-dense food contains a high number of calories and a lot of natural sugar. Opt for fresh grapes instead.

13. Always choose water. Want a fizzy drink? Say no to the soda and go for some refreshing sparkling water. It’s estimated that one can of Coca Cola is equivalent to 10 sugar cubes.

14. Baked delights. Craving junk food? Snack on baked potato chips instead of regular ones. On that note, always go for a baked potato instead of mashed as side dishes.

15. Indulge your sweet tooth. An after meal dessert is fine, but have ice cream in a cup or small bowl instead of a waffle cone. Better yet, why not devour a nice big cup of frozen yoghurt?


16. Take your chicken skinless. This cuts out the majority of fat. Also, stay clear of anything breaded like flour and bread crumbs, which absorb a lot of oil

17. Slim pickings. Love Italian cuisine? You don’t have to ditch the pizza as long as you go for a thin slice. Say no to pepperoni and beef; pile on the veggie toppings.

18. Cook with less fat. In the kitchen, use chicken broth instead of oil to sauté your beef, chicken, fish or vegetable meals.

19. Wash it down. End your day with a hot cup of green tea to increase your level of norepinephrine, which prepares your body to burn fat.

20. Salad for dinner. When you opt for a green meal at night time, choose either croutons or cheese, not both. Try to get away with only one tablespoon of dressing and not more.

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