Crystal Healing

If you are one for alternative therapies, you know that there has been a revival of crystal healing in recent years. But, where do we draw the line between fact and myth?

While there is no hard evidence to back the theory up, we need to take our body’s energy fields into consideration to understand how stones can actually heal us. Crystals are believed to emit different vibrations which influence our energy flow, and as a result affects specific aspects of our lives and health.

The first use of this kind of therapy dates back 5,000 years among ancient Egyptians, Indians and the Chinese. For centuries they have been used not only to heal and restore balance in the body but also to clear out negative energies.
They come in many forms, shapes and sizes; therapists believe that each one has a magnitude of healing properties. However, some have gained a reputation as specialising in certain areas. We look into three major stones that are used to heal physical and emotional ailments.

Considered to be one of the most powerful healing stones, amethysts are used by healers from around the world for protection from negativity and to provide balance. It is also believed to cleanse the blood and is often used to ail substance abuse and fevers.

This stone is thought to be one of the oldest known to mankind. In fact, it’s actually not a stone, but a fossilised resin. Dating back millions of years, amber is still used in many cultures to treat joint pain, arthritic conditions and even teething pain in children. Its soothing and calming effect is widely used to banish negative influences and energies.

Known as the crystal of tranquillity, jade helps the body self heal. It soothes emotions and helps keep peace in community relations. It has been a part of Asian philosophy for centuries and is said to help you attain your dreams and goals. It has even historically been used to attract love.

Stones for Diabetes
Life as a diabetic is a balancing act and is a reason why many crystal healers use their therapies to treat the condition. The stress of keeping an eye on your sugar levels, cholesterol and circulation is enough to get your blood pressure rolling. This is what the crystals focus on.

The main stones used include emerald to aid in recovery, serpentine for its detoxifying attributes and chrysocolla for insulation regulation. So if you suffer from the lifelong chronic disease, there is no harm in trying this out; complementary to your doctor-approved line of treatment of course!

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