Country Chic

When living in the Middle East, the idea of the countryside gets a bit blurred. However, with this autumn/winter trend, you will find a new angle to the concept of getting ready in high style for a weekend in the country.

Life amongst nature asks for comfortable clothes to hike green mountains in natural shades of browns, greens, reds and yellows. Large criss-cross patterns in dark shades are mandatory when sitting next to the fireplace for a cup of hot chocolate.

Runway shows presented the fancy side of the trend. Long coats and fitted jackets in fine fabrics were seen next to long dresses with delicate flowers and pencil skirts paired with the traditional chequered style.

Marc by Marc Jacobs showcased the retro country woman off to work, while Tommy Hilfiger portrayed the urban lady on a mission in the countryside. The traditional pattern in expected colours finds originality when placed and worn in different ways.

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