Cool Retro

Fashion trends come and go and designers search for inspiration from the past, giving a contemporary touch to today’s pieces. Pick your favourite retro style!

The decade was an important period for fashion history. Mary Quant created the mini-skirt; the bikini came into the scenario. The A-line skirt shape that we see in today’s pieces was the trend of the moment at the time.
This look recreates the style with contemporary touches as the folded details in the top and a longer length for the skirt. Colour-blocking was the rule and contrasting shades were everywhere. The clean look is perfect to spice up the classic style for a work day.

In the late ‘60s and all through the ‘70s, colours got brighter and a new trend was about to take shape — the hippie style with bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye pieces and frayed clothes. The trend was so widely embraced that we instantly think of the retro approach when we see them in stores.
Flared trousers are an icon of the period and contemporary cuts bring low waists and a very slim upper part. A top with a contrasting collar is the best piece to get into the style. You can finish the look with high-heeled sandals and a hat with a wide brim.

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