Colours of the World

A fresh start is right around the corner and it is important to begin the New Year on the right foot. So wear the colour that shows how you mean to go on. Colour symbolism plays a major role in many cultures. Many people believe that if you wear a certain hue on New Year’s Eve, you can usher in good fortune.

1. White
White is known to represent peace around the world. Wear an ensemble in this colour if you are hoping to usher in January in a harmonious way.

2. Red
Red is for the fierce and those looking for a big change next year. Passion, will-power and energy are all characteristics that this colour will help you gain.

3. Purple
This shade promotes spirituality. It is suggested to be worn if you are looking for inspiration and positive energies, and also for people looking for new paths.

4. Green
Hope and faith is what many people believe you can get from this earthy tone. Adding a little green to your outfit will also bring good health and strength.

5. Orange
This gives you energy and is a good colour if you want to focus on your studies. Additionally, orange is also believed to influence partnerships and relationships.

6. Pink
One for the lovers! Who knows, maybe all you need is a little pink dress to find that perfect someone. Of course it is not just about the romantics; this colour will help you love others and yourself.

7. Blue
Have you had a hectic year? Blue brings you tranquility. Start off with calm days by donning the colour of the sea. It is also said to bring kindness.

8. Yellow
A good mood, wisdom and self esteem are represented by yellow. It can also strengthen your finances, so if you have been eyeing a promotion, make sure you are seen in this sunny shade.

9. Gold
Gold naturally brings prosperity and success. Be it a degree, pay rise, shift in your career or even emotionally — riches will follow.

10. Silver
This midnight tone is the colour of balance. Also, if you are looking for new challenges to change things up in your life, slip on something metallic and gear up for exciting times to come.

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