Child’s Play

Littering your favourite things across the master bedroom floor is a no-no. On the other hand, you can set your inner child free when decorating the kids’ bedroom.

The children’s den is one place where you can let your creativity run wild, no questions asked. No matter how old they are, you can always find a way to get them involved in the design and décor of their bedrooms. Remember, it is a space with zero limitations. So have some fun while revamping this part of the house.

Not everyone is blessed with large houses and most can’t afford to have a play room in addition to a bedroom. It does not mean that your child needs to be deprived of the experience of having a unique personal space.
Another important factor while decorating a child’s room is to have a reality check. No matter how much effort and thought you put into creating the perfect look, the customised room is bound to look like the aftermath of a windstorm by the end of the day. Learn to accept that kids will be kids. Those designer catalogues didn’t have any children on site, at least not those that had much to do with the setup.

What it takes
A clean room is simply a matter of organisation. Make cleaning up exciting and easy with these labelled storage units from Pottery Barn Kids. They can be lined up against a wall or stacked up in shelves. Although items are just thrown in, it gives an illusion of neatness, which is sometimes more than we can ask for.

Designing a great room for your child is more than just the perfect bedding set. It’s about having the right accessories. THE One has an interesting range of wall décor including motivational quotes. This unusual clock could get them excited about learning foreign languages, if only to list the numbers.

Lighting is significant while creating an ambience. Debenhams’ lamps boast fascinating concepts, much like this crescent moon hanging that is just too cute.

The little ones often have friends coming over for slumber parties. Allow them their very own lounge in a part of the room with a couch and cushions. This could also double as a reading area on other days. Those meaning to spoil their children could ship in the Wave collection of sofas from Versace Home. Add a few Icone cushions from Roche Bobois and you have the perfect carefree corner.

Like we always say, nothing transforms a room like a rug. If you’d like the central area of the floor to be clutter-free, opt for this one-of-a-kind doormat from BoConcept. This will be the start of many jokes, no doubt.

Loud and clear
The first advice we usually get when decorating the kids’ room is that it should be like something out of a dream world. There’s nothing wrong in cluttering up the area with toys and cartoon-themed accessories.
However, not every child hopes to live in a land of unicorns and spaceships. Some, let’s face it, grow up sooner than we’d like and prefer a more mature space. An easy way to go by this is to have a largely white room. This wins you brownie points as a parent as it shows that you trust them.

To create a playful mood so that it doesn’t entirely look like the master bedroom, you could add key pieces that are extremely colourful. You could use this demo room by @home as a guideline.
Their vibrant new collection, Ole, takes global and local inspiration to create a laidback look, giving the impression of finding and collecting treasures from around the world and building a home that’s both individual and exciting.

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