Beauty Trends for 2017

If unicorn make-up is anything to go by, this year’s beauty rage has gone bananas, bringing you everything from weird to wonderful.

The beauty world is getting vibrant and wacky this season; some will have you scratching your head while others will test your creativity. Joz Salon & Spa gives a sneak peek into what’s hot this year and how to wear it.

Fiery Ombré Lips
The red lip – yes, it’s a classic, but this year it’s all about stepping things up. And make-up artists have found the perfect inspiration: ombré, and a wearable ombré lip at that, not the extreme made-for-Instagram-only variety. How to do it? Start with a bold red shade along the perimeter of the lips to define the shape, then fill in the centre with a brighter orangey tone and, for added punch, finish with a glossy, vibrant orange highlight.

Arts and Crafts Nails
When you see these blinged-out nails, you’ll definitely want to give them a shot. To do it yourself: Apply your polish, then place your choice of stone using a nail glue for bigger gems or a drop of topcoat for smaller ones; let dry. Then, apply more topcoat.

Matte Eyes

Sure, you can do the full-face matte makeup that’s all over social media. But let’s be real, matte everything can be a little harsh in the daylight. Use a milder approach and focus on a single feature at a time, like the ‘90s all-matte-lids.

Matte Lips
Liquid matte lipsticks need no introduction, but the new powder lip colour certainly does. Apply a small amount of Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder on top of your lip balm. It transforms into a creamy texture and gives a lightly stained effect.

Maybe you’ve yet to venture into bangs territory, at least in your adult life. But with many celebs taking that step and making the chop look so good; Joz Salon suggests you call your stylist immediately.

Apart from the fringe, embellished braids and dramatic hair transformations are also big this year.

The Belted Pony

At the backstage of runways, it looked at first as if hairstylists were doing just another low-slung ponytail. Then it was noticed that they were fastening a long fabric over the base (over an elastic); it fell to the same length as the pony’s end. And finally came the buckle. The fashion world loves anything belted – swimsuits, jumpsuits – now, apparently, hair too.

Mermaid Eyes
How to pull it off: Apply shimmery purple on the inner halves of the lids, blue on the outer, green just below the eyes and gold at the inner corners (eye primer helps). Blend with a fluffy shadow brush; liner and mascara are optional.

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