Beautiful Inside and Out

Bona fide Bollywood royalty and youth icon Katrina Kaif is one of cinema’s most glamorous actresses. She is currently the brand ambassador for retail fashion giant Splash, and is featured in the latest campaign across the Middle East. BTM caught up with her to talk fashion, beauty and more.

Eminent for her chic style, the British actress and model donned two beautiful Splash ensembles and took to the ramp of a fashion show at the Mall of Emirates, Dubai, for the launch of the latest collections.

Having travelled and lived around the world, she considers Mumbai in India her true heritage where identity is concerned. “Having lived there for the longest time, Mumbai is my home without a doubt,” she says.

Katrina also let us in on her duties as the fashion envoy for Splash, saying: “As with any fashion campaign, the key role in promoting the brand is the visual campaign I’m doing, which is the second of the series. Splash has a very loyal fan base and is highly revered by consumers because of its passion for high street fashion, so it feels great to be a part of this.”

In a quandary to choose a favourite piece, Katrina says the entire new collection has struck a special chord on her style radar. “The latest line is dreamy and beautiful, with a heavy Bohemian influence which makes it look very feminine. This works for me and I absolutely love it,” she explains.

The actress isn’t one who carries any beauty essentials, and generally enjoys going au naturel when not filming on set. She says: “I always have a wonderful team of hairstylists and make-up artists on set, so I leave it up to them when shooting movies. When you spend so much time on set, the only thing you want to do is be natural and easy after you wrap up.”

April-2017_People2_01Katrina was thrilled to team up with actor Salman Khan for the most recent campaign, saying:
“It was amazing working with him again. One thing I’ve noticed is that Splash CEO Reza Baig always treats staff and peers like family. Everyone there enjoys a close-knit relationship and I have always felt welcome.”

Acting is something that is second nature to the star. “When I came into films, I was always very instinctive and fully immersed myself in the movie. Every molecule inside my body was alive on set. I think this is what makes a good movie,” she says.

Blessed with glowing skin and a ravishing physique, Katrina does not follow a strict health or beauty regimen. She explains: “How you look and feel can be credited to your diet. A lot of people are conscious and know what is healthy for them. Fitness is not something I am 100 per cent consistent with, it’s something that I go up and down on in phases. Sometimes I follow a plan, especially while filming a movie, other times I just take it easy.”

And she has a special message for her fans in Bahrain. “I would love to come down and visit
when there is an opportunity, probably during a film festival or similar event. For now, a big hello to everyone who watches Hindi flicks.”

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