Back-To-School Breakdown

As usual the summer has flown by, meaning that it’s now time to get the kids geared up for another year at school.

Back-to-school shopping is a headache; there’s no doubt about it. There are lots to buy, lots of options and lots of spending! This year, start your shopping spree with a game plan as Woman This Month reports on the best school supply destinations in town.

Look smart
Getting your kids’ uniforms ready in time for the first day of school can be a hassle. Make sure to place your order in advance at House of Uniforms to give your kids some alteration time if needed.

For additional prim and proper school attire, such as shirts and blouses, Bhs, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Mothercare and Sportsland have an array to choose from. Keep your eye out for all the back-to-school promotions, where you can buy pants, socks and tights in bulk.

Get the right soles that will conform to school rules and regulation at Aldo, Shoe Mart, Nine West, Spring and Guess Kids. If your child needs extra comfort and support for their feet then Hush Puppies and Clarks have a great assortment of options.

Where to shop:
House of Uniforms (17 581-510); Aldo; Bhs; Debenhams; Guess Kids; Hush Puppies; Marks & Spencer; Mothercare; Nine West; Shoe Mart; Sportsland; Spring.

Don’t forget stationery
Stocking up all in one go saves you from the headache of frequent trips out for notebooks and pens. Buying stationery in bulk will also lessen your expenses especially with all the back to school sales promotions.

Make sure you have a drawer stacked with pens, pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks and everything your child might need during his/her school year. For great offers, go to any major supermarket like Megamart, Geant, Waitrose or Al Jazeera Supermarket.

To get all your shopping done under one roof, Virgin Megastore offers all around school supplies, from notebooks to backpacks. For school text books, Jashanmal Bookstore, The Bookcase and Family Bookshop are stacked with educational books catered to most schools’ curriculum. Make sure to call in advance to check if they have the books your child needs.

Most kids these days, especially high-schoolers, use a laptop as a resourceful research tool. Home Electronics, Sharaf DG, Ashrafs, Gajria Electronics, Yaquby Stores and Emax offer some of the best brands available; or you can head to any big hypermarket for cheaper prices.

Where to shop:
Virgin Megastore (17 172-300); Al Jazeera Supermarket; Ashrafs; Emax; Gajria Electronics; Géant; Family Bookshop; Home Electronics; Jashanmal; Midway Supermarket; Sharaf DG; The Bookcase; Waitrose; Yaquby Stores.

Rise and shine
A new school year can be stressful and it is vital that kids maintain a nutritious diet to stay focused and healthy. Give them a balanced meal of omelettes and yogurt or whole wheat cereals to help kick start their day.
For snacks, pack their lunch boxes with fruits, veggies and some light sweets. Pop over to your nearest supermarket and get your ingredients for the perfect breakfast by opting for wholegrain and organic substitutes. A great tip to get your child excited about the day is having them help you in the cooking or preparation process.

Where to shop:
Megamart (17 341-070); Al Jazeera Supermarket; Midway; Waitrose; Lulu Hypermarket.

Extra-curricular activities
Teach your child to balance work and play early in their lives by assorting a dedicated time for fun activities. Joining clubs or groups outside of school can help a student build up character and self-esteem by learning things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Being a part of something outside of school can also help children explore their social skills and make new friends. Make sure that they are enjoying the activity by having them participate in something that they show interest in. If your child is a budding athlete, then a good tennis, football or basketball club would be a productive way to spend their free time. For the artsy child, have them join an arts and crafts class for kids.

Where to ‘play’:
Awali Riding Club; Bahrain Music Institute; Bahrain Science Centre;Bahrain Tennis Club; Berlitz; Café Ceramique; Reza’s Martial Arts Center; Rugby Football Club; World Beat Fitness Center.

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