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This month Ghada Salem takes a trip around Bahrain to highlight some spots you can enjoy with your little ones. 

Raising your children in Bahrain can be quite challenging if you are used to outdoor outings with your tots! However there lots of places to go and activities you can join to help discover more about the Kingdom and enjoy its culture and traditions!

In this edition I’ll list some of the places you can visit with your little one, maybe over the spring holidays?

Tasneem Agriculture
Tasneem is the first Bahraini farm to use hydroponic technology (farming without soil). The company also advises and builds green houses for other farmers and farms and trains them in the best techniques and practices of farming. Your kids can pick their favourite vegetables to make their own salad and can enjoy watching how planting without soil looks! More information:

Riffa Fort
Built as a fort during the reign of Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Khalifa in 1812, Riffa Fort offers a wonderful view that one cannot afford to miss. Apart from the picturesque surroundings, its rich historical value offers an insight into Bahraini life in times past. The fort is located in Riffa (obviously) and inside there is a lovely coffee shop called Saffron that serves a traditional Bahraini breakfast.

Rashid Equestrian and Horse Riding Club
Located in Riffa, the club offers horseback riding and you can visit it every Friday to watch horse races. You can always call on (+973) 17 442-666 to check if there is an event for the weekend.

Fishing Trip
Khalifa Park is a great place to spend the day on a weekend or during the spring holidays. Not only you can enjoy a picnic there and let the kids ride their bikes or scooters, but also go for a fishing trip, banana-boat ride, rent a yacht or visit an island through AlDaen office located at the north of the park. For more information call 36 677-785.

Sitra Corniche
There is a new corniche in Sitra by the sea, which is a perfect place to take kids for walking, running, riding bikes and playing on scooters. Worth a stopover!

There are also these popular places to visit before summer is here: Birds Kingdom, the camel farm and the Tree of Life. Also enjoy the break to give something back to the community. You can let your kids buy some food and drinks and place them in one of the “Feed the Need” fridges spread around the island. Find the nearest to you by following “Feed the Need Bahrain” on Facebook.
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