Aromas of Arabia

If you are not sure which Middle-Eastern style of perfume suits you, take a look at the round-up of our favourites you can expect to see in stores over Ramadan

Oriental perfumes have for centuries played a major role in Arab culture and lifestyles. Today’s luxury brands offer a more subdued alternative to the traditional oud essence, effortlessly combining strong notes with more soothing scents. Shoppers will find that their options are varied and each brand offers a diverse range to suit everyone’s liking; whether it’s a traditional smell or a modern fusion.

Rasasi Perfumes
If you are looking for a high-end perfume this Ramadan, then sniff out the La Yuqawam perfume collection. Representing oriental luxury and Arab heritage in its entire splendour, the new collection from Rasasi is set to take the beauty sector by storm with its enticing appeal.
The name itself means ‘irresistible’ in Arabic; the exclusive range comes in editions for both men and women. La Yuqawam for women comes with top notes of bergamot, incense and lemon, followed by cinnamon, ylang ylang and pink pepper. The fragrance is subdued with middle notes of lactonic and musk; sandalwood forms the base note.

Ajmal Perfumes
Ajmal has released a Ramadan scent for Arabic fragrance enthusiasts — Dahn Al Oudh Rabia Al Omr, which means ‘spring of youth’. This has been created using quality Indian agarwood oil from an exclusive region in Assam, which in turn is blended with the finest oud from Laos and Cambodia.
To extend its offering, Ajmal will be featuring more oriental colognes along with French perfumery during Ramadan.

Zuhoor Alreef
From traditional perfumed oils to western-style body perfumes and a top-to-toe range of contemporary bodycare products, there’s bound to be a fragrance solution for you at Zohoor Alreef. If you are looking for a unique scent for those late night ghabgas and Ramadan gatherings this month, then try one of it’s latest releases, Samar Night. The perfume boasts a very complex combination of chocolate, vanilla and sandalwood with hints of rose and saffron.

Reehat Al Atoor
With a true traditional feel, this new scent from the perfumery house, Reehat Al Atoor, is just what you need. Haraayer, is a smooth blend of fragrances, starting from a musky note then gradually bringing out the essence of oud.
The name translates into ‘silk’, describing the graceful way it can combine two strong scents, musk and oud, with a touch of spicy notes.

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