Arabian Style in Vogue

Local designers are starting to make waves not only on the local fashion scene but also around the world. What’s more, an increasing number of regional events are shining a spotlight on upcoming and established Arabian talet.

The Middle East is growing as a fashion destination. Well-known brands are placing their stores all over the GCC and are being spotted in the fashion market everywhere. It is a green light to regional designers to show off their work. Events such as the Muscat Fashion Week are an opportunity for local designers to showcase their creations.

Designers from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman presented their 2013 collections in a three-day event promoting the region’s fashion roots in the Sultanate.
The region is a frequent inspiration for many western collections; its exquisite fabrics, handwork and elegant shine are present in many seasons. The difference now is that local designers have the confidence to display their original Arabian pieces with contemporary interpretation to a global audience.

Women in the Middle East adore statement pieces, strong jewellery and colour. For fashion enthusiasts, it is a treasure box with concepts drawing inspiration from the region’s rich cultural heritage.
We feature here some of the designers that stood out with their unique fashion ideas during the Muscat Fashion Week.

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