April 2017: Star Gazing

You do tend to like secrets and this month you will stumble upon a whopper, which, if revealed, could move things in your favour at work but at the risk of damaging your integrity. It’s a tough decision and you won’t have much time to ponder. Trust your instincts as your barometer and things will work out, serving your best interests in the end. Just remember to guard well what you discover and only reveal what you need to.

Take the best experience you can imagine, double it, and maybe you will arrive at the kind of feelings many of you are set to experience this April as a new man suddenly appears in your life. You’ll feel like a new woman and your indifference will disperse. The only problem is that soon you will have to confront a departure from your old life – and the possibility of some difficult goodbyes – as this new arrival means you could be heading in a completely new direction.

Remember that disagreement in January over a car? You thought it had all been settled and you’d seen the back of one particularly difficult individual. Well, it looks like a loose end is about to rear its ugly head in the form of an unexpected bill. Before you charge off in a fit of rage to confront those concerned, take a moment to check the small print and go through your own paperwork. Investigation will show they don’t have a leg to stand on.

It looks as if those of you who took a chance last month in chasing a dream or long-standing ambition will actually have made some progress! However, there is still plenty of hard work ahead; just make sure you don’t over do it! In family matters, your concerns may be directed towards a relative whose financial weaknesses are dragging them deeper into debt. Your sensible fiscal advice will be needed but don’t expect things to go smoothly.

You’ve been erratic over the last few weeks, which has as much to do with an inner conflict as influences beyond your control have been shaping your life. Change is coming and an air of stability, which will allow you to think more clearly and shake free of the uncertainty clouding your thoughts. You are a restless animal, so, if anything hinders your confidence, you don’t wait around. This time, sticking it out could bring you much bigger rewards.

Things have been improving on the relationship front since you suffered a slight dip a few months back, and it seems problems have been completely ironed out. You can feel confident your partner is as committed to the union as you are. However, things are not so rosy at work and a demanding boss looks set to stretch your patience. Rather than blow your top, sit the boss down and talk through your concerns.

You have been struggling with unsavoury elements in the workplace recently; people who seem intent on making your life difficult. You must decide whether to stay and fight your corner or look for another job and a more balanced life. Whatever you do is bound to have a significant effect on those closest to you so be sure to consult loved ones before making any major changes.

You will receive news concerning your role within the workplace, and promotion together with a pay rise. Prepare for some flack from a jealous colleague who feels they were more deserving of the success. On the relationship front, a partner may surprise you with news of a move. You’ll be encouraged by the plans they want you to be part of. For the first time in your life you could be feeling part of something very special indeed.

To describe the last few weeks as unpredictable would be an understatement. Never upset or ruffled easily, the strains and stresses may have overcome your usual lighthearted nature and tested your patience. What you need more than anything now is a holiday. Your batteries are in need of a recharge and, with further challenging situations envisaged throughout 2017, you will need to be at your best to deal with times both good and bad.

As the song goes: “You can’t always get what you want.” And no matter how much it may annoy or frustrate you that fact is something you need to come to terms with. With the fingers of desire beginning to weaken on a current love affair, you need to question whether the person you have been drawn towards actually wants you as much as you want him. You have been kidding yourself for long enough and if you’re not happy with the rules of the game then now’s the time to leave the playing field.

If only you could listen to your heart a little more rather than always following the logical route then you might be surprised by what you discover for it seems that someone close by has amorous intentions towards you and yet their efforts thus far have passed by unnoticed. You are a lot lonelier than you care to admit and perhaps this kind of attention is just what you need to provide a more complete sense of being to your personality.

You are sometimes accused of not seeing things you start through to the end. However, in the coming weeks you will prove to many of the doubters around you that – when the occasion calls for it – you can take a task past the finish line if it inspires you enough. On the relationship front you could hear from an ex-partner from long ago, whose surprise appearance may cause unexpected stirrings!

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