Speak out
Like Dr Clare says, babbling sure is beautiful. I would know because my son did not speak until he was five. It was really touching to read about the benefits that learning to speak at such a young age. Knowing that my son was deprived of these gifts that are often taken for granted was unsettling. I request all parents to take a moment to cherish the little blessings. You might not understand what they’re saying. Talk to them anyway. Khulood

Fashion galore
April-2014__Letters2I always wait for your fashion editions and I was definitely not disappointed by the spring summer special. My favourites were origami and pleats. I’m not a fan of prints. These styles help me adopt new trends without leaving my comfort zone.

I don’t wear skirts or dresses. I wish you could one day do an article on how to get creative with denims and trousers. I have tried several things, but end up looking like I’m wearing the same clothes every day. I’m only five feet tall and pear-shaped. It would be great if you could tell me what will best suit my body shape. Thank you and congratulations on such a beautiful issue. May

Here comes the sun
I have been known for wearing loud colours. Yet I haven’t worn the loudest of them all —yellow! I am convinced that yellow does not complement my skin tone. I have a brown complexion. I had tried several shades and never found one that works for me. Your “Hello Yellow” page makes me want to try again. I hope this time I get lucky and find the right shade. Wannabe Big Bird.

Sky high
Reading about wing walking as a profession really opened my eyes about the many unusual jobs in the world that we do not as much as consider when we choose our careers. Interestingly, I had tried wing walking once. It was a terrifying experience as I have a fear of heights, but the whole point was to fight the phobia. I can’t say I’m cured, but I had never thought of the man who had assisted me that day. That was his profession. I hope that I can bring up my daughter with the freedom to choose any career path that interests her. Janine

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