Announcing Autumn’s Arrival

It’s official; autumn is upon us. The weather has finally cooled enough for us to not melt when making the ‘hot’ journey from the car to the indoors, meaning that it must be October.
This month is filled to the brim with events, many in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We have included a calendar of all the happenings that you can attend to encourage as much support as possible for the infinitely worthy cause.
In our Wellbeing article we have consulted experts in this field who offer advice on precautions, treatments and support systems related to breast cancer. And if that isn’t enough, we also look at how Ford Middle East is raising awareness and funds through its celeb-filled Warriors in Pink campaign.

Also up this month is our huge bi-annual fashion review, a feature that we are certain all fashionistas need in their lives. We’ve captured the 12 of the most prominent trends from the catwalk capitals and collated the most appropriate items to help you rock each look. We’ve also tried and tested the newest beauty and fragrance products that will enhance your autumnal look further.

Concluding this month is the scariest (and most sweet-filled) event of the year; Halloween. Our 20 Tips will help you shed your inhibitions and plan a night to remember. And in our Food section you can gain some pointers on successfully cooking Halloween-appropriate dishes and meals to share with your friends and families in celebration of Thanksgiving.

It’s a big fashion issue, so I’ll stop talking and let you get reading!

Alison Coldridge
Assistant Editor

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