A Women-centric Workplace

Besides terrific guest services, the K Hotel prides itself on its exceptional female staff.

The K Hotel’s head of human resources, training and development, Donna Asistio, is the most senior lady amongst the staff. “21.64 per cent of our staff is female,” she says. “This figure will increase to 25 per cent by the end of 2018, with the requirement of hiring more women for customer service roles.”

Donna, who is the only female in the senior management team, says the organisation has four ladies in junior management positions, one of whom is being groomed to take on the role of department head in the coming months. The hotel’s career development initiatives are open to both genders, with specific job positions aimed to prioritise women candidates for the exceptional skills they possess and the nature of the job they naturally excel in.

Donna believes that more women should be considered to take on leadership roles. She says: “We are very fortunate that Bahrain stands for women’s empowerment. With the support of our general manager, Volker Mandlowsky, the K Hotel will soon have healthy, balanced leadership, wherein men and women are equally seated. This is possible through our Career Development Programme, which trailblazed in 2016.”

The hotel creates a work environment that is non-discriminative and offers opportunities irrespective of gender, race, age or religion. The efforts of female associates are acknowledged and appreciated at every opportunity. Donna maintains that it’s time for the world to discard the gender stereotypes that have been prevalent for thousands of years and realise that women are successfully breaking through typecasts.

“If men shared the reins with women, the world would be in a better state,” she says. Call: 17 360-000.

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