A Tale of Two Styles Jackie Kennedy Onassis

The first lady of the United States conquered the world with her elegant style. From the sixties up until her death in 1994, Jackie influenced the fashion world as a timeless icon. Get her looks with these updated twists.

She played the part of a sixties style icon with well-structured, tailored shift dresses which she usually wore with simple pearl necklaces. Clean colour palettes were her preferred choice and for formal wear she teamed up the same-coloured suit and hat. Her pinkish lipstick was a mainstay at every occasion.

1. Pearls: Phase Eight;
2. Lipstick: Marc Jacobs;
3. Dress: Debenhams.

When she left the White House she also left behind her old style. Her wardrobe changed to long jackets, trousers and oversized sunglasses. Elegant printed scarves and designer handbags set the tone for her looks. Even her casual style was the epitome of sophistication. Despite growing her locks, she always managed to keep it in impeccable form.

4. Sunglasses: Chloe;
5. Scarf: Massimo Dutti;
6. Coat: Hobbs.

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