A Show of Hands

Take a look at the back of your hands right now. Are you pleased with what you see? It is very common for hands to look older than your face or age. Here’s how you can keep them looking young.

Fighting lines under the eyes is the norm these days, especially as they are the first thing someone notices during conversations. However, are you putting your effort in postponing ageing in the right place?

The truth is that your hands give you away. You can keep your body fit by eating healthy food and exercising every day. You might even take care of your face with the latest cream or wrinkle-preventing regime.
What you do not expect is the wrinkles and abundance of thin veins that make a sudden appearance at the back of your hand. It has a way of creeping up on you in your late thirties or sooner.

This part of your body has less fat than other regions and, without it, the skin becomes loose. As if these natural changes aren’t bad enough, most women don’t protect their hands from the sun. This allows the increase of age spots.
Steer clear
If you start giving the same care to your hands that you give to your face, you can minimise the action of time. Putting sunblock every day, particularly here in the Middle East where we have sunlight almost all year long, is the first step.

At least once a week, exfoliate the back of your hands to remove dead cells, thus allowing the hydration cream or moisturiser to penetrate into the skin. Anti-ageing products with specific ingredients that tackle ageing issues in this specific area are available in beauty care outlets.

Take care
Don’t panic if you just noticed unwanted marks or a bony appearance. Visit your dermatologist to discover new treatments to wash your worries away. Some of the techniques may be a little intense like injecting fat to fill in the empty area and achieve natural volume.

If you don’t want a hand lifting, you could inject specialised gels to hydrate and improve skin structure and elasticity. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. The disadvantage of this procedure is that while fat injections are permanent, this one lasts for six to eight months.

For brown spots, you can find creams and laser applications that penetrate the topmost layer of the skin and banishes the marks. In the process, they stimulate collagen production.

Be wise
Ageing is an undeniable fact of life. It happens to everybody. How each one of us faces it is what makes us different. You don’t have to become a slave to “beauty”. Nonetheless, your external appearance shows how you treat yourself. Remember, to love yourself is the first rule to live this life happily.

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