A Café Setup

It isn’t enough to have the perfect kind of tea leaves or coffee beans. What every home needs is a place to enjoy it.

Pick a spot
This rule applies for any space that you want to spruce up. If there’s a corner, balcony or portico that you thought was boring; choose that area as a starting point. After all, you can only start a painting once you have the canvas. Make sure the setting allows natural light and sufficient ventilation.

Get comfy

When you create your own café at home, the beauty of it all is secondary. This space should be the symbol of comfort and tranquillity. The ‘lounge’ is ideally your getaway within the house. It is, therefore, very important that you make this zone as cosy as possible. Choose the right furniture depending on your style. Something rustic would suit the season. Poufs and ottomans offer variety.

Plenty of add-ons
You can never have enough cushions. They are the perfect accessories to personalise your decor. Stashes of magazines and coffee table books are mandatory. Use funky coasters to liven up the space. A lot of this area allows DIY projects. Reuse old clothes for pillow covers. Make collages for your coasters. Get runners for the table.

On the wall

Don’t hide away your mugs and jars in a cabinet. Build an open shelf right above the countertop for easy access to your coffee, tea, sugar, honey, cinnamon or cocoa powder. If you’re a stickler for matching sets, invest in see-through jars. For a bohemian touch, mix all cookie jars and sugar pots you’ve collected over the years.

At the station
Where you have your coffee or tea isn’t the whole ordeal. It all begins where you make it. Set up a mini station in the kitchen for your caffeine fix. This is where your coffee maker or espresso
machine would go. Have a kettle at hand as well.

It’s personal
Whenever you revamp your living space, it should translate your own style. Use collectibles or souvenirs as much as you can. Mugs, cups and saucers need not match. Every family member has his/her favourite mug; they hardly ever have anything in common. Let it be! Your home, your rules.

A breakfast counter
Aside from your glasses and spoons, the shelf can also hold cookies, teacakes and biscuits. However, many people tend to use this section of their kitchen as a breakfast station as well. A toaster, a fruit basket, jars of jam and a juice maker would not seem out of place.

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